About Us


Musty Putters is a putter company that is all about the customer. By continuing his research, David Musty and his wife Jeanne have found the secrets to great putting, and it’s all about the customer. With a background of custom home building, and circle stair design, coupled with fine furniture construction David Musty was perfectly suited to design and build the perfect wooden putting tool.

The years in the custom home business taught Musty that the customer always has needs they don’t know about. Subsequently our fitting system allows us to address these needs and make better putters for our clients. Nothing makes you feel better than fixing a broken putting stroke with a perfectly balanced putter. Musty Putters accomplish this by properly fitting each putter to the customer, not selling him one off a rack! By utilizing wood, Musty has engineered a putter that has an instant forward roll. Combine that roll with the legendary forgiveness and our patented aiming system and you have a putter for the ages.